Monday, December 2, 2013

first thing you learn is you always gotta wait

One of the drawbacks to life in Rome is dealing with the least efficient public transportation system in Europe.  The trains are routinely delayed, there's a strike every other week, and the part of this video at the 1:35 mark hits the nail more firmly on the head with each viewing:

Dante forgot to describe the circle of Hell reserved for ATAC drivers who fly past their stops without slowing down.  If I designed their poetic justice, they'd spend eternity in great hunger in a place with a very warm climate.  Once a day, an ice-cream truck driven by a little imp demon would fly by, and as it passed he'd stick out his head and scream, "MAYBE NEXT TIME, YOU FUCKING PRICKS!"

A longstanding proposed solution to Rome's transit problem has been the construction of a third metro line.  In this blog post, David Boffa chronicles its history better than I ever could.

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