Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Long Distance Drunks

With all the shit surrounding the government shutdown in the US, it was a relief and a pleasure to get some good news this morning.

Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing (who put out So It Goes back in April) are releasing a tribute to Bukowski early next year.  It's going to be called Long Distance Drunks, and it'll feature my story 'The Market-Frankford Line,' plus a poem I wrote in '06.

I'd had the idea for the story for a while.  When PMMP announced open calls for the anthology, it seemed like a good excuse as any to get it down.  I decided to employ some Bukowskian methods, and I wrote it in one sitting on a rainy Saturday afternoon, to the tune of cheap wine and classical music.  Beethoven, I think.

Details as they come.  On that note, I'll leave you with three of my favorite Bukowski poems, the first courtesy of the man himself, and the other two read beautifully by Dean Stanton and Tom Waits.

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