Thursday, September 19, 2013


You hear that?  That's Goblin's theme music for Dario Argento's 1977 giallo masterpiece, Suspiria.  Some of the most chilling movie music ever recorded, right up there with Psycho and Halloween.

Goblin are an Italian prog-rock band that formed in the '70s.  They did the score for most of Argento's films, as well as Dawn of the Dead and a handful of B-movies.  Like Danny Elfman in Tim Burton's movies, their music is such a crucial ingredient that without it, the atmosphere just isn't complete.  I swear Inferno would have been twice as good if they'd been behind the soundboard instead of Keith Emerson.

I saw a documentary about Argento with a clip of Alice Cooper trying to describe Goblin's sound.  "I don't know what it is, man.  It's just...European."

Next month, they're embarking on their very first North American tour.  So far a quarter of the shows have already sold out.  Going to one of those gigs would be worth the price of admission just to see what the crowd would look like.  Alas, they haven't announced any European dates.  The irony of me being an American living in their hometown of Rome does not escape me.

Legitimizing the tour, they're about to release a new EP on 180 gram red vinyl.  It'll contain re-recordings of four of their best tracks, including Suspiria and Profondo Rosso.  Before you ask, yes, I'll be buying that.  Also, if you're wondering if it'll be played at my next Halloween party, yes, yes it will.

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