Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When it gets too hot for comfort, and you can't get an ice cream cone, t'ain't no sin to take off your skin, and dance around in your bones.

If there is a hell, then Rome is built upon it.
                                                                                      ~ Martin Luther

One of the drawbacks to living in Rome is that the summers are an inferno.  When Michelangelo came back to paint The Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel, his biggest concern was that his father, a pretty old guy by that point, wouldn't be able to survive the heat.  I'm pretty sure that if you look over the last 3,000 years you'll see a disproportionate amount of nutty behavior concentrated between May and September.  It's the reason Romans have always been so keen on high-level ceilings, and why the entire city goes on holiday for the month of August.

Since I can't afford the luxury of leaving, and because this country has yet to embrace the magic of A/C, here's my summer playlist.  Each of these songs is a little Jack Torrence employed to make sure my Overlook doesn't explode.

Dead Can Dance - Opium

The Gun Club  - Cool Drink of Water

Sonic Youth - Créme Brûlèe

Swans - God Damn the Sun

Lycia - Colder

Sunn O))) - Alice

Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets

Hank Williams - Cool Water

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