Monday, May 6, 2013

Duotrope: It's Worth the Fee

The other night I finally did something I should have done months ago, and bought a year's membership to

Duotrope is an excellent resource for writers.  They post listings of every writing market known to man, and have a very user-friendly search engine to help you track down potential homes for whatever it is you're trying to publish.  They used to be free, but I guess they weren't making ends meet on donations alone, so this year they instituted a membership fee.  Still, all they're asking for at the moment is $50 a year.  It's one of those investments, like buying a printer or paying for postage, that you should just bite the bullet over if you're serious about publishing.

I was starting to feel guilty about it anyway.  So far I've sold three stories to publications I'd found through DT, and I'd never donated.  It's never good to be a stingy writer.  We need to support the community if we want it to support us.

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