Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Sentient Hamster

Well, I hope this wasn't an April Fools joke...

A couple years ago I wrote a goofy sci-fi story called 'The Sentient Hamster'.  It reads a little like Douglas Adams would if he'd grown up in American suburbia.  The story was rejected a dozen times, with the general consensus being that it was well-written, but not a very original idea.  I could see where they were coming from, but I was still kinda proud of the piece, and held out a faint hope that one day it would find a home somewhere.

About a month ago I submitted it to an upcoming anthology of stories written in the vein of old-school monster movies.  I figured that if the story belonged anywhere, it was there.

Yesterday I got an email from the publisher.  They said that while the story didn't fit the theme they're shooting for with that particular collection, they had received so many stories about aliens that they'd decided to release a separate book consisting entirely of alien encounters.  They want my story for that one.

So, is there a moral here?  If you've made something you love, but no one else seems to, maybe it just hasn't found the right audience yet.

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