Sunday, February 24, 2013

Top 13 Songs by The Legendary Pink Dots

There was a time when I was rabidly obsessed with the experimental Dutch band The Legendary Pink Dots.  At the right hour and in the right state of mind, I still am.

Whenever I try to explain the Pink Dots to the uninitiated, I find myself at a loss.  The easiest comparison is to Syd Barret era Pink Floyd, but if that doesn't mean anything to you, let's just say they sound like a Martian folk band.  Calling them psychedelic would be the understatement of the century.  Their songs venture into completely unexplored sonic territory.  The narration provided by frontman Edward Ka-spel, which rarely contains a chorus or a refrain, explores some of the most beautiful and horrific aspects of inner space.  The hippies might have taken trips to the other side, but the Dots have a fucking house there.

Now comes the eternal question amongst music geeks: What album should I start with (or if I'm just going to get one, what should it be?)  It's certainly a good question with this band, as they've released well over fifty records.  In fact when I interviewed Ka-Spel in 2004 I asked him what the total count was, and he said he honestly couldn't remember.  

I have seven LPD albums, and I like them all for different reasons, but the monolith that towers above them all is The Maria Dimension.  That one is absolutely gorgeous from start to finish.  It sounds like a religious opera played on children's instruments in outer space.  Hypnotic.  Surreal.  Sublime.  If you're only going to get one Dots album, for the love of God, make it that.

No musical love letter is complete without a mixtape, so on that note, I'll leave you with my 13 Favorite LPD tracks (in no particular order):

I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty

Third Secret

The Ocean Cried Blue Murder


A Space Between


Harvest Babies

Lucifer Landed

Casting the Runes

Waiting for the Cloud

The More It Changes

Madame Guillotine

On Another Shore

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