Sunday, December 16, 2012

Forever Came Today

It's been two days since the Connecticut shootings, and I still can't look at the news without feeling like the floodgates are about to burst wide open.  26 innocent people.  20 of them children.  That's 20 families who will remember every detail of that unbearably ordinary morning for the rest of their lives.  20 families who probably already had gifts wrapped and stowed away in the attic.  Those gifts will never be opened, and from now on Santa's red coat will be stained a grotesque shade of scarlet.  Lifetimes of hope cut short with a few pulls of a trigger, so many little candles blown out by the draft from a window that never should have been opened.

America is long overdue for serious bipartisan dialogue on guns and mental healthcare.

But the question I wish more people were asking is this: what's wrong with our culture that we create so many people like Adam Lanza, the Aurora shooter, the Virginia Tech shooter, and the Columbine kids?  Easy access to guns doesn't help, but we're not the only First World country where civilians own guns, and Canada and Switzerland don't have this problem.  And yes, we're grossly desensitized to media violence, but kids all over the world are watching the same movies and playing the same damn video games.  So what is it about America that's turned us into a breeding ground for psychos?

In America it's easy for sick people to act out their urges, but why do they have those urges in the first place?  What's wrong with our collective psyche that it nurtures those fantasies and brings them to a boil?

No, I don't pretend to have any answer.  All I suggest is that we seek out the source of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.

My heart and thoughts are with the victims.

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