Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012 in Reading Material (halfway point)

I try to read at least forty books a year.  Unfortunately when I alternate between Jim Thompson (who I can usually finish on a train ride) and stuff like Ulysses (which I'm going to finish this year if it kills me), it usually ends up being closer to thirty.

You'll notice I tend to read several books by the same author in a row.  In The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell explains that the best way to approach an author is to read everything by him at once.  He claims that's how he handled James Joyce.  Alas, I am a child of the '80s, and my ADHD is accustomed to a commercial break every fifteen minutes.  I figure three at a time is a good compromise.

Here's what I've devoured this year, so far:

Douglas Adams - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Douglas Adams - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
J.G. Ballard - The Crystal World
J.G. Ballard - War Fever
J.G. Ballard - Empire of the Sun
Seamus Heany - Beowulf
John Gardner - Grendel
Mark Holden - The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-time
Douglas Adams - Life, the Universe, and Everything
Douglas Adams - So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
Douglas Adams - Mostly Harmless
Gore Vidal - Julian
Clive Barker - In the Flesh
Clive Barker - The Inhuman Condition
Clive Barker - Cabal
Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen - Sense and Sensibility
J.G. Ballard - Crash
J.G. Ballard - The Day of Creation
J.G. Ballard - Concrete Island
Homer - The Illiad
Martin Amis - Money

And, at the moment:

Homer - The Odyssey
Martin Amis - London Fields

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