Monday, May 14, 2012

something from '07


At 30,000 feet, a star falls with no brakes
Look up, and watch a single spark
Descend toward a billion identical points
See, distance is an equalizer
From far enough away, everything looks the same

At 25,000 feet, epiphany kicks in,
Bringing neurons to a boil
Lateral thought hides under a wing
And coping mechanisms fire into the dark
From here, hindsight is something we've outgrown

At 9,000 feet, the city is fit with brass shoes
Movements are weighed by a dreamlike slowness
As distance becomes anathema
Becomes the worst enemy we've ever had
As if someone had thrown time itself into the quicksand

At 2,000 feet, equations collapse
Consciousness is dragged kicking and screaming
Toward whatever passes for a center these days
And the future clears its schedule to make way
For a calm that rushes over everything

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