Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I've suffered from insomnia off and on throughout my life. I wrote this a few years ago for my fellow members of the 4:30 Club.

Insomnia in Reverse

7am always feels like a camel on its last leg
He rolls like a wheelchair across the desert
My lucid dream sits on the edge of the bed
Negotiating terms of surrender to a deaf ear
And reaching across to the alarm clock from hell
I see I've lost a fight with insomnia...again

5am is a renegade chemist with a bad haircut
He treats my brain with caffeine and deadlines
There's an unlicensed shrink in the corner
Stirring up childhood trauma till dawn
Like a friend who only wants to hang out
When I have to work in the morning

3am sounds like a tractor running on moonshine
It plows through my psyche with relish
The money on those thirty white horses
Could pay a quarter of my night's rent
And with hope losing thirteen to twenty
The pigeons on my rooftop place their bets

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