Thursday, April 5, 2012

something from a bad night in a bad month in philly, '06

Bury yourself in work.  Do the dishes, iron your shirts.  Drive around 'til dusk giving food to the homeless.  Dismantle bombs, learn a new language.  Read old letters from old girlfriends.  Touch a match to your favorite nerve.  Archive photos of your grandfather.  Answer a pay phone.

Collect mistakes like merit badges.  Hang your head like a degree.  Make an art form out of regret.

Read poetry like an x-ray.  Read a novel and mark your place with a speeding ticket.  Laugh, but don't learn.  Count the number of beats per breath.  Go for a drive and buy something unhealthy.  Give purpose to insomnia by putting things off.  Give the knob another twist.  Give out.

Watch old movies, eat a second dinner, or go for a walk.  Hand out favors.  Cultivate an interest in bad habits.  Plan a trip.  Sit on your roof until dawn and watch the last light of the city go out.  Grow a spine in the morning.

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